Baseball Training Equipment – Heavy Ball Bare Hand Catching Drill With Strobe Training Glasses


Whether you want to improve your catching and throwing skills or you want to improve your overall game, there are many different baseball training equipment items to choose from. Some of these products are available in Strobe Sport online including baseballs with colored circles on them, insider bat instructional cards with pictures and instructions, and batting tees. There are also baseballs for right and left-handed players that are the exact size and weight of those used in games.

Weighted bats

Weighted bat training improves the speed and accuracy of a baseball hitter. It forces the brain to get off autopilot. The brain creates new pathways that accommodate the change. When using a normal bat, hitting drills are boring and monotonous. Bats with a different weight can make this easier.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association has studied the effectiveness of weighted bats in improving bat speed. However, the results were mixed. Some players were helped more than others, while others were hindered. This is not earth-shattering news, and the technique has been around for several years.

Using a heavy bat in baseball training is an excellent way to improve your batting mechanics and forearm strength. While it can be tempting to add more weight, excessive weight can cause injury. It is therefore crucial to use these bats correctly to achieve positive results.

Foam trainers

Using Strobe Training Glasses to train your body while catching a heavy ball helps you improve your balance, reaction time, and body awareness. 80% of the information that our brain receives comes from the eyes, so the proprioceptive system needs to be improved. This allows the brain to focus more effectively and better coordinate the various body parts for success.

A bare hand catching drill requires the catcher to stay focused on the ball and be patient. Practicing this skill will reduce the number of passed balls you catch in games. The bare hand catcher must show good blocking techniques, such as lowering the glove to his knees and placing his bare hand behind the glove. He should also keep his chin tucked against his chest.

Batting tees

There are various kinds of batting tees available for baseball training. These tools are ideal for beginners, especially for younger children. They are lightweight and foldable. They also have tripod-style legs to provide stability when used for practicing. In addition, they are suitable for different levels of skill.

The main purpose of these tools is to help players focus on their swing, which will be easier if they use a baseball tee. They can also be used in conjunction with a training bat for more difficult hitting drills. These tools are portable and can be used anywhere. They are designed to mimic a normal baseball swing, which will help players improve their swing and make good contact.

The best batting tees can help players master different swings. They also help players improve eye movement. They can be placed in specific positions or moved to where they want to hit the ball.

Shoulder tube

Using baseball training equipment while catching a heavy ball is a great way to improve balance and hand strength. Using these glasses also improves your awareness of your body position, which is critical to maximizing performance. While you’re wearing your glasses, the game will seem slower, which makes it easier for you to react to the ball coming from behind.

A team of University of Florida Ultimate Frisbee players took part in a multi-day training and testing study. The participants completed Computer assessments before training, at the fourth and eighth sessions, and at the end of the study. The sessions ranged from ten to thirty minutes and included agility drills.

Participants were assigned to one of two training conditions, either a Strobe training session or a Control session. Training sessions included typical Ultimate Frisbee activities such as passing and throwing drills and running scenarios.

Strobe Training Glasses

When Austin Hedges, 22, was in the major leagues for the first time, his strength and conditioning coach, Brett McCabe, recommended that he try a new type of baseball catching drill. He had heard about strobe training glasses, which were used by NBA players like Steph Curry. Catching drills with strobe glasses are effective because they overload the central nervous system and improve read-and-react time.

Participants in the study completed nine or ten sessions of baseball training. All sessions were conducted during normal practice sessions and led by the team strength and conditioning coaches. The sessions ranged in length from 10 to 30 minutes. Participants practiced various agility drills, and the stroboscopic frequency level changed across training sessions. Initially, the participants experienced levels 2-4 (5-3 Hz).